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FBI’s Hand in Ukraine

Photo by: Dmitry Rogulin/TASS

In their fight against “Russian aggression” on the borders, Ukrainian people had overlooked occupation of Kiev by foreign agents

Владимир Лактанов
18 мая, 2016 12:30
3 мин
One of the first statements of Yuriy Lutsenko, the new Prosecutor General of Ukraine who had been appointed after Euromaidan, was that the mission of the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States would be reconstituted in the framework of the Ukrainian Public Prosecution Office. He said that American law enforcers would help their Ukrainian colleagues “improve methods of prosecution and develop design of structural reforms.”
It should be noted that introduction of foreign reconnaissance services into institutions of power is not considered something extraordinary in Ukraine. On the contrary, this “symbiosis” has become a commonplace. Particularly, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has been in close contact with the Central Intelligence Agency for a long time, although it can hardly be called cooperation. It rather looks like Ukraine is being gradually occupied in both military and political sense.
While Ukrainians are raging about the mythical “intrusion” of Russia in the Donbass and Republic of Crimea, the real intrusion is taking place in the heart of Kiev. What was proudly called “Revolution of Dignity” in 2014 has, in fact, become a point of no-return for fading Ukrainian sovereignty and independence.
Occupation disguised as integration
Euromaidan has not refreshed and revitalized the Ukrainian political and economic establishment, however much mass media tried to make people believe in it    . Instead, the coup of 2014 was a move of financial elites to strengthen their predatory hold on Ukraine. As capitalists are internationalists, Ukraine’s most influential businessmen and statesmen never hesitated to hand their home country over to the Americans. The same was happening in Russia in 1990s.
The CIA has been staying in Kiev for quite a long time. Oleg Tsaryov, leader of the Donbass resistance, would tell the press, from the words of his informants in the Security Service, that a whole storey of their building had been given to the “mission” of the CIA. Interestingly, Ukrainian security officers cannot interfere in the activity of their American guests. There is also evidence that American agents had infiltrated the Ukrainian government even earlier, during the presidency of Victor Yushchenko. Back in 2013, the then Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine Renat Kuzmin revealed details about an investigation on a diplomat and politician Valentyn Nalivaychenko. In 2009, when Nalivaychenko was appointed acting head of the SBU, he arranged a room for CIA agents, where they would work with classified information. The investigation was interrupted because of the mayhem of 2014. Instead of serving a life term for treason, Nalivaychenko was appointed and served for more than one year as actual head of the Security Service of Ukraine.
The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States has not only access to Ukrainian secrets of state but also, to a certain extent, control over the SBU agents. At the end of March, lieutenant colonel of the SBU Yuriy Ivanchenko was arrested on the territory of the Russian Federation; he was to recruit agents from the Security Service of Russia (FSB). According to the reports of the FSB, Ivanchenko had been sent by the CIA. American reconnaissance experts had instructed Ivanchenko what and how to do in Russia.
Last year, Arseniy Yatsenyuk had suggested involving the FBI and European special services into “war on corruption” in Ukraine. He insisted that foreign agents should be provided access to the databases of the SBU, Public Prosecution Office, Counter Corruption Service and National Counter Corruption Bureau of Ukraine in order to investigate financial affairs. The Ukrainian establishment puts an astounding amount of trust in the FBI and CIA; for instance, Mikheil Saakashvili, Governor of the Odessa Oblast, has announces a training program for regional police under the supervision of the FBI.
Штаб-квартира ФБР
The headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Photo from: wikipedia.org
“The representatives of the FBI will train a distinct group of policemen who will learn to work for the sake of people instead of criminal bosses and organized crime. This will be a dry and clean patch in the middle of the swamp,” said the former President of Georgia.
Giving away control over the country to foreign agents under the disguise of “fight against corruption” is an alarming sign that something is going wrong, and it is time for public suspicion and protest. However, the Ukrainian public is blinded by anti-Russian sentiments. People believe that the supremacy of the CIA over their own security services is the promised “European integration”, while in fact, this is a stage of occupation. 
Of course, the total surrender of special services and political elites is a prospect of distant future. It is known, however, that Washington can be very patient, and prefers long-term projects over short-term ambitions. Unfortunately, the Russian authorities lack that kind of strategic thinking; while the White House acts, Kremlin simply reacts.
Scott Rickard, former intelligence agent of the United States, revealed that American special services had been “tilling the soil” in Ukraine for twenty years. Euromaidan of 2014 was a natural outcome of that impressive effort.
The US Department of State had spent about 5 billion dollars on winning over Ukraine, but they were not alone: the Open Society Foundation, funded by business magnate George Soros, had spent 10 billion dollars in the span of last thirty years to instill pro-American view in the minds of Ukrainian people.
“Patriotic” collaborationists
While ordinary Ukrainians consume political propaganda about “Russian aggression”, the Ukrainian nouveau riche do not hesitate to do their business in Russia and even on the “occupied” territory of the Crimean Peninsula. The rich are getting richer, and the poor are falling deeper into despair.
In the opinion of Mikhail Remizov, President of the Institute of National Strategy, economic and political control over Ukraine is in the hands of the IMF and Washington respectively. It is naïve to believe that American politicians sincerely care for Ukrainian people. The decisions of Ukrainian authorities that had been made under the supervision of the US prove neglect for ordinary citizens.  
The main purpose of the current political elite of Ukraine is to maintain control of foreign states over their own. There was no other scenario for Ukraine and Ukranian people, because it is the basic provision of “agreement” between Kiev, Washington and Brussels. Cultivating hostility towards Russia is just another instrument of control: firstly, it distracts politically active citizens from the real situation, and secondly, it serves to justify the toughening of an already cruel political regime and prevent a new maidan. When will Ukrainians understand that they have been deceived; that their precious independence has been stolen from them?
3 мин
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