Revolution without dignity
Mass unrest in Independence Square in Kiev. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka / Tass

Mass unrest in Independence Square in Kiev. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka / Tass

Global attitude to what happened in Kiev’s Maidan is changing

Russia’s opinion on events that happened in Kiev and Odessa in 2013–2014 is not a voice in the wilderness anymore. A coup staged by a local oligarch, backed by Nazi groupings and helped by the US State Department is how Kremlin describes what happened. Patriotic opposition and majority of Russians agree with this view. It’s Ukrainian citizens that helped establish this opinion.

It’s worth noticing that Russian specialists – political analysts, politicians and experts – foresaw what this riot could have led to from the very beginning. Armed with knowledge of history and an understanding of Ukrainian nationalism, it is easy to predict its consequences. Since then, events have confirmed predictions all in all: new oligarchs instead of old ones, terror of fascist-like bands on streets, people being burned alive, economic decline and absolute moral degradation of those in power.

However, it’s been a long time before the world, and Europe particularly, started to listen to the Russian point of view. The reason behind that may be the never-ending competition against Russia, so the tragedy in Ukraine can be used merely as an excuse to do harm to a rival, blame him for fanciful crimes and weaken him. That’s the stand of European politicians, who used media to impose this point of view on average folks.

Everything changed when an investigative film by Paul Moreira “Ukraine, masks of the revolution” came out in France. He published a lot of stories from conflict zones, his film “Iraq: Agony of a Nation” won the best documentary at the International Monte-Carlo Television Festival, and now he went to Ukraine to witness the events first-hand and present it to European viewers. The author’s reputation established trust in the film..

Paul Moreira’s “Ukraine, masks of the revolution”

Kiev understood it and tried to undermine the screening, rather awkwardly. Ambassador Yuri Kochubey demanded Canal+ to cancel the premiere or to move it to another day, due to “disinformation” that it contains. At first, it seemed the premiere was pushed off, but, as journalist Anatoly Shariy found out, Ukrainian papers simply tricked their readers. “Northern Korea envies you, guys”, - he said in his videoblog.

However, the film was shown in scheduled time and created a sensation among viewers. For the first time France realized who fought for “Ukraine’s European choice”. The core of Maidan in revolt was pro-Nazi military groupings and Swastika and SS fans. If one looks at what happened in Odessa, their methods are nothing new compared to those of their predecessors. There’s only one thing they’re sorry about in the film – too few Russian were burnt alive in Odessa’s Trade Unions House.

America’s role in the assertedly popular revolt is discussed in a special chapter. US Congressman John McCain, US Vice President Joseph Biden and Victoria Nuland from US State Department with her cookies – all are shown in close up. Other American politicians are shown along with footage of the Azov Battalion being trained by American instructors. Participation of Americans, not liked by French, was probably the main reason to change the attitude to the Kiev revolution.

Late at night, viewers commented on the film in social networks. One can read on French sites: ”Now we know that our country supports fascists controlled by the US”, “Two years later, France woke up face to face with Euromaidan, but it’s too late”, “US supporting Svoboda party is like CIA supporting Pinochet’s regime”.

There is criticism of the author as well. According to Le Mond, Moreira puts on “broken glasses” and presents a distorted view of Maidan. He wasn’t present when Odessa’s Trade Unions House was on fire, but he tells about those events, Deutsche Welle writes. Some even compared the film to a Russia Today story and called it propaganda. However, the final word rests with viewers. And viewers are interested in the film so much that Canal+ decided to air it one more time – on 8 February.

Anatoly Shariy on why “Ukraine, masks of the revolution” was banned

It’s going to be a lot of time before public opinion in Europe will give up hope on the so called revolution of dignity which turned out a carefully staged coup strategically directed against Russia. European politicians already feel frustration. Many are fed up with Poroshenko cajoling money. Moreover, they don’t want to deprive their countries of income due to sanctions initiated by Americans.

Europe can’t change its stand immediately because of the strong dependence on the US, but it tries to when it comes to secondary issues. 28 January, the European General Court lifted sanctions from former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and other Yanukovych’s team-mates, thus opening a political perspective for them. Yanukovych himself is probably too odious a figure. Both in Europe and in Russia.

The new Ukrainian authorities are getting more nervous, feeling Europe’s coolness. Losing support from abroad, Kiev is left alone with nationalist movements with their torchlight processions and military groupings of different levels of legality. Not wanting another Maidan, Kiev is trying to get rid of dangerous rivals. Many can join Sashko Bily (Muzychko) whose tombstone was exploded recently.

Anatoly Matios, the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine, being interviewed on “Hromadske Radio”, called Volunteer Ukrainian Corps fighting in Donbass an illegal military group. He reminded that the Right Sector’s Corps is the only military formation which didn’t join either Armed Forces of Ukraine or the National Guard. The state hardly puts up with this anarchy.

The Ukrainian government still backs the military groupings, but it’s likely to get rid of them in the future. Dmytro Yarosh, the ex-fuhrer of “Right Sector” understands it pretty well. He announced the establishment of the new movement named after himself. It’s not clear if he’ll manage to create the new organization, but he distanced himself from the old one just in time. During the Night of the Long Knives, if it occurs, it will let him save his life. The oligarchical revolution is about to devour its children.

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