Sweden Feels Invaded by Putin
Migrants at the railway station in Malmö, Sweden. Photo by: Asger Ladefoged / SCANPIX DENMARK / AFP

Migrants at the railway station in Malmö, Sweden. Photo by: Asger Ladefoged / SCANPIX DENMARK / AFP

Swedish authorities were silent about harassment by immigrants for much longer than in Germany

After the shocking incidents that happened on New Year’s night at the central railway station in Cologne, Germany’s information services did all what they could to conceal the very fact of social unrest and police’s impotence. Following the stereotype of German solidarity and coordination, mass media aligned with them. However, the shroud of silence lingered for no more than five days. It was lifted thanks to online activity of a hotel security guard Ivan Jurcevic, a Croatian with sense of responsibility of a true German citizen. He uploaded a video that gathered five million views on its first day. January, 5 was the day when German mass media were forced to reveal the truth about what really happened in Cologne.

Ситуация в Кельне после массовых нападений на женщин

Situation in Cologne after numerous attacks on women. Photo by: DPA/TASS

These reports fuelled an even bigger scandal in Sweden. While the incident in Germany was hushed up in a matter of one week, the Swedish media and authorities had concealed similar facts for almost half a year, from middle August, 2015 till January 9, 2016.

“They are but children!”

“We are Stockholm” is one of the most profound street music festivals in Europe. Youth from all over the continent had been gathering in the eponymous city for fifteen years. Back in 2013-2014, the organizers of the festival were already aware of sexual harassment imposed on young women and even girls by male immigrants from Middle East.

Planning security measures for 2015, the organizers had suggested two separated spaces for men and women. The idea was denounced as it would upset couples and companies, but the number of guards was increased, and policemen were engaged to keep things in order on the territory of the Kungsträdgården park. The police was informed that there could be press gangs in the crowd. Both policemen and guards were ready to stop crimes and punish the disturbers.

Unfortunately, they kept only half the promises. More than 300 females aged from 11 to 20 were harassed during the festival. The police and guards caught 90 young immigrants red-handed… and let them all go. The authorities have yet to explain why no one was convicted. The possible reason is that the immigrants had documents of a unique type - certificates of “lone child refugees”. These young men had no identification papers when they migrated to Sweden, so they were registered as “children”, though looking somewhat too old. As “children”, those immigrants are immune to the penitentiary system. Moreover, there are defenders of human rights who specialize on such “children”, and they will react sharply to any sign of infringement. The Swedish migration agencies and law-enforcement services refuse to check and register the true age of these “children”, referring to a strange explanation that there are no reliable scientific methods of age definition.

In 2014 and 2015, there were 38 official reports to the police from victims of sexual harassment at the festival (mainly girls of 15 and younger). What was the reaction? There was none! Not even press releases.

There was only one note on the web site of the Swedish police, dated 18 August, 2015. It read that everything had gone fine; that the police well guarded the safety of 850 thousand guests of the festival, and that people would play football and discuss important social issues with the policemen. The author of the note was a press secretary Hesam Akbari.

Delayed truth

The first newspaper to shed light upon the real situation was Dagens Nyheter (Today’s News). It published an article titled “Right of women to safe entertainment shall not be sacrificed.” The author drew attention to numerous attacks on women that took place not only in Cologne, Germany, but also in Kalmar, Sweden. In all cases, the incidents were concealed from the public’s eye. First articles covering the New Year’s night in Cologne were published in Sweden five days after; about their own Kalmar, Swedish people learnt even later. Both the police and mass media seemed not to trust the women’s statements. “The same happened at the Stockholm festival in August of the previous year,” the author wrote. He added that the police was not really impassive at the festival itself – they had arrested 90 young men in one of the nights – but they were after the festival. None of those arrested was ever convicted of crime. Having shrouded these incidents for unclear reasons, the authorities betrayed the victims. However, there were people in Sweden who attempted to disclose the delayed truth about August, 2015. 

On the same day the aforementioned article appeared, another material was published in both Swedish and English languages on the independent web site Hyheter Idag. The title screamed “Concealment revealed in Dagens Nyheter – the editorial staff refuses to cover Cologne-resembling sexual harassment cases in Stockholm.” The article of a reporter and blogger Chang Frick refers to anonymous sources in the police and among psychologists that worked with the victims. The same sources already tried sending the same information to Dagens Nyheter in August, 2015, but the newspaper decided to keep the truth away from people… which is not exactly why newspapers exist.

On the following day, January 10, Dagens Nyheter spewed out an article that criticized the Stockholm police department for hiding the reports from the festival. One of the most profound national editions justified its own failure by blaming the police! 

Впервые за полвека Швеция требует удостоверение личности от всех путешественников из Дании, из-за небывалого наплыва беженцев

Due to the influx of refugees, Swedish authorities demand ID from travelers from Denmark, which has not happened since the middle of the XX century. Photo by: Nils Meilvang / Scanpix Denmark Scanpix / AFP

The police was allegedly aware of the problem from the very beginning of the festival, but they had not shared insider information with the journalists until now. Those suspected of harassment were called “young foreigners who migrated to Sweden without parents”. At last, Dagens Nyheter mustered the conscience to refrain from the “lone refugee children” mantra. Men from 18 to 32 years old are no longer called children, unless you count the nickname “bearded children” given by the Swedish folk.

Reaction of police

On January, 11 chiefs of the police ordered to initiate an inside investigation. As result, they blamed themselves for concealment of information from the press, which is a standard practice for Swedish law-enforcement institutions in similar cases. The executive chief of the Swedish police Dan Eliasson and chief of the Stockholm police department Ulf Johansson filed statements on themselves.

However, on January, 21 the police suddenly remembered to reproach mass media for publications with references to the nationality of the criminals. It was called “wrong” to have mentioned that the majority of attackers were Afghani. Journalists examined 18 different statements and found that half of them did not have notes of the nationality of the criminal (as identity could not be requested). Only four of the remaining nine cases can be connected with Afghanistan. Despite that, the public discourse is full of Afghani “lone refugee children”.

Meanwhile the press revealed another case of hiding the truth about events of the New Year’s night, this time in Malmö. Similar situations, though at a smaller scale, took place in the Rinkeby district of Stockholm, and in the town of Javle.

Putin is to blame

It turns out the Swedish justice can be quick: On January, 11 a fifteen years old boy was arrested for sexual harassment of two girls fourteen years old at the festival in August, 2015. His name and nationality have not been disclosed, but they will be after the court.

Chang Frick, who revealed the ‘quiet conspiracy’ of Dagens Nyheter, was accused of cooperation with the Russian TV channel Russia Today, which meant he was proclaimed the voice of the Russian propaganda in Sweden. These are the extremes the reputable Svenska Dagbladet has taken this issue to.

The newspaper’s writer Isobel Hadley-Kamptz discredited Chang as Kremlin’s collaborator in her article “Russian propaganda spreads in Sweden”. This jewel of journalism reads as follows:

“…we know that today Putin is doing everything to destabilize the global community by spreading rumors in the World Wide Web. We are familiar with the army of internet trolls who specialize in both direct propaganda and subtle provocations. Their aim is to undermine our unity and trust, suppress our psychological defense and will to resist foreign pressure and disinformation. We can’t know if these right-wing populists are paid by Russian influence peddlers, but it is obvious how Putin’s propaganda (for example, in the Syrian case) marks some news reports. One of the leading reporters on the web site that attacked Dagens Nyheter, Chang Frick, openly admitted working for RT previously, and Russia Today is Putin’s propaganda machine… We are so weak in our psychological defense that our foes, perhaps, should not even bother to defeat us.”

The irony is that the last sentence of this precious text perfectly reflects reality. Sweden capitulated; it is invaded by immigrants who oppose and challenge its citizens’ way of life. These foes indeed should not bother to defeat Sweden; this country will do it for them. 

Оригинальный текст (original)

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